Compressed Gas, Containers & Valves

Compressed Gas

Compressed gasses are gasses that are stored under pressure in cylinders. The three major types of compressed gasses are liquefied gasses, non-liquefied gasses and dissolved gasses. The pressure of the gas in a cylinder is usually recorded as pounds per square inch gauge (psig) or kilopascals.


Industrial gases must be contained and readily available at point of use, the means of delivery is critically important to ensure system compatibility and safe transportation. A variety of storage containers include: bulk containers, cryogenic cylinders (Dewars) and gas cylinders. Additionally, there are more application-specific containers, including permeation tubes and safe delivery systems. Although not covered here, (see Gas Generation Equipment), gases may be produced in an on-site generation system.


A huge array of industries gases depend on an uninterrupted supply of industrial gases to keep their processes running. As a supplier of those gases, you are contractually obligated to provide that supply; unscheduled shutdowns or inefficiencies are simply unacceptable.
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